Cantos do Mundo

Uma panorâmica da diversidade cultural do planeta, através da música.

Fri Jul 23

Jesse Cook - Into The Dark.

Jesse Cook.

Jesse Cook.

Wed Jul 9

Jon & Vangelis - Deborah.


I read your letter, I got it just the other day…
You seem so happy, so funny… how time melts away
It’s such a pleasure, to see you growing
And how you sending your love to the air today.

I think of Heaven… each time I see you walking there
And as you’re walking, I think of children everywhere
It’s in your star sign… you growing stronger
I can’t believe you…so good to care.

Thru enchantment, into sunlight
Angel’s touch… your eyes…
Your highness… electric… so surprise
Is this your first life…?
It seems as though you have live before.

You help me hold on…
You have a heart like an open door
You sing so sweetly… my love adores you
She does, she’s thinking of you right now
I know…

The summer’s coming…
I’ll keep in touch so you’re not alone
Then like the swallow, you’ll fly away like birds have flown
So let me tell you… how much I Love You
I’d make the songbirds sing… for you again…
Well now it’s goodnight…
Sweet Angel… read this letter…

Tue Jul 8

Capercaillie - Rann Na Móna.


Rachad go Rann Na Móna
Rachad go Rann Na Móna
An alt atá galánta, thios chois na fairrge
Rachad go Rann Na Móna.

I dtosach tá crann beithe, ar chúl tá crann rua
I lár tá fraoch corcra, is fuiseóg beag faol cheilt
'Stá amhrán ag an éan seo, go luath sa trathnóna
Boladh féir is dralocht san aer, is ach an gcroi a dhamhsa.

Taim cinnte beidh mo shaidh le fagháil
Sa tobar bhfhuighidh mé ulsce
Goidfidh mé bradán ó’n Fhairrge Mhór in aice liom
'Sma fhaghann sibh cuirt ar an alt seo go luath insan oiche
Geallaim, buladh féir is dralocht san aer
Is dhéanigh bhur gcroi dhamhsa…

Mon Jul 7

Enya - Storms in Africa.

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